Embrace. Empower. Enlighten.
Creating a community.



To empower children, families and adults by helping them to connect with their greatest self through mindfulness and community.



We offer mindful practices/classes to encourage children, families and adults to grow and flourish in their life, the community and in the world. Tanaya Yoga is home, it’s cozy, it’s comforting, it’s supportive and it’s non-judgmental.  A place to find your peace. Tanaya Yoga was born out of an idea to bring mindful practices to our everyday life, in an accessible way for people of all ages.  Whether it be 15 minutes of meditation or an hour long yoga practice.  We believe strongly in creating a community.  So people can come together and feel truly connected. Let the warmth embrace and empower you to grow and reach your fullest potential.  A retreat in the middle of the city.  A space to find your center and calm. 


About Joy

Joy Nakayama is the creator and founder of Tanaya Yoga.  She has been a yoga lover since she stumbled into her first yoga class over 15 years ago. Throughout Joy’s career as a fashion model, she found herself traveling all over the world and working long hours. Joy turned to yoga and meditation to keep her grounded and healthy. Her style is one that honors the yogic philosophy as much as the poses. She uses the poses as a fun and healthy way to connect to a higher self. As a co-founder of Imazaki Dojo and black belt in Kyokushin karate, Joy found her passion working with children. Inspired by her own two children, the children at the Dojo and her love of yoga, she began teaching family and kids yoga and holding Girl Power Circles. Joy’s vision is to bring families and people together to create a more beautiful world, starting with ourselves first.